Term of Service

Halal Gourmet Japan Term of Service

The present agreement (hereinafter, referred to as “this Agreement”) prescribe the terms related to the use of service (hereinafter, referred to as “this service”) provided by FOOD DIVERSITY Inc. (hereinafter, referred to as “FOOD DIVERSITY”) on this website. Users of this website (hereinafter, referred to as “user”) must use this service under this Agreement. Furthermore, by using this website, users are deemed to agree with this Agreement.

Article 1 (Handling user information)

FOOD DIVERSITY may collect user ID, Beacon ID, Beacon field intensity, field intensity detection time, terminal name, OS, and ID for the app of this website (hereinafter, collectively referred to as “user information”) for people that agreed in the access log and smart phone application to improve the convenience of users of this site, to create statistical data, and to deliver information. Further, user information does not contain any information that can detect individual users (name, e-mail address, credit card information).

Article 2 (Intellectual property rights)

(1) All rights ownership rights, intellectual property rights, portrait rights, right of publicity, etc.) to text, images, programs, and other data constructing this site (however, this excludes comments from users) belong to FOOD DIVERSITY or third parties with such rights, and users cannot copy, reproduce, reprint, transfer, accumulate, sell, publish, or use them beyond the scope of personal use of the users regardless of the method or form.

(2) If FOOD DIVERSITY admits to a case of violation of the preceding article, FOOD DIVERSITY can take necessary measures such as stopping some or all use of this service, etc. without prior notification to said user. Further, in this case, FOOD DIVERSITY shall not be liable for any disadvantages in accordance to such measures.

(3) If users gain profit as a result of violations mentioned in Article 1, FOOD DIVERSITY or other beneficiaries have the right to claim the amount equivalent to said profit.

Article 3 (Non-transferable rights and obligations)

Users cannot transfer to third parties or deposit as security the status as the user of this site or the rights and obligations based on such status unless approved in advance by FOOD DIVERSITY.

Article 4 (stoppage or abolition of this sites)

FOOD DIVERSITY has the right to change this service provided to customers for the convenience of FOOD DIVERSITY. Moreover, please be advised that we might stop this service in the case of disasters, accidents, and other emergencies. Also, FOOD DIVERSITY shall not be held responsible for any damages caused to users or third parties due to changing or stopping this service without prior approval from users.

Article 5 (Link to third party sites)

This service may include hyperlinks to websites operated by parties other than FOOD DIVERSITY. These hyperlinks are provided to users only for reference. FOOD DIVERSITY does not manage such websites, and shall not be held responsible for the privacy policy or other procedures of these websites. Also, users must carefully confirm that selected links and software to be downloaded does not contain any virus, worms, Trojans, defects, or anything with destructive nature. The setting of hyperlinks of FOOD DIVERSITY concerning such websites are not warranties by FOOD DIVERSITY regarding the content of such websites or implied suggestions on the relationship between the operator thereof. Third-party sites may be asked to set a link from the profile of users of FOOD DIVERSITY to the profile of such third-party sites. Whether to respond to this is an option (of the third party sites) and information links may be disabled at any time.

Article 6 (Governing laws and jurisdiction)

This Agreement shall be interpreted under Japanese laws, and Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance to any dispute concerning this Agreement.